Our Features

While working with icons, some variation is needed like change in color or different orientation. We are offering you some of them which can help you with customization.

  • There is wide variety of options to change the color of the icons .
  • We are offering solid colors.
  • Different elements of icon can be colored.
  • The icons can be embellished by using this feature.
  • Just need to click the icon, then edit it and there you go.
  • Need to change the co-ordinate points? Option is available.
  • The coordinates are interchangeable as per the requirement.
  • The icon can be moved to any side of the frame.
  • Graphic and pixel friendly and easy to use.
  • Does not liked the border or background of the selected icons?
  • We offer Changeable borders and background for icons.
  • Different styles of background and borders are available.
  • Select and change as per choice.
  • In case you need to flip the icon or change the axis from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, the feature is available with us.
  • Icon can be flipped from upside down and left to right.
  • While rotating the icon can be moved to any direction within the frame.
  • The icons can be changed into different sizes.
  • Going from minimum size to maximum size of icon.
  • Pixel perfect download for every selected sixze.