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The best place to share your content.We provide high-quality vector icon sets, UI/UX
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A Large Collection Of Beautiful Free Icons

Download this collection of free vector icons and design your next project.
Get the perfect icon for your website or blog in seconds.

A Large Collection Of
Beautiful Free Icons

Choose from a variety of icons in Iamvector's large, popular, and free collection. Use one of the most consistent collections in the industry with hundreds of different icons to suit your needs. Available in a variety of formats, there is an icon for every need.

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Our Features

Customize your icons with these features! Choose from a variety of features like changing color, orientation, and more.

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All free vector icons can be coloured using the available colour palette.The colors icon pack gives the user the ability to have a variety of colors for their icons. The user can have up to three different colors in a single icon, and they can choose from a list of predefined colors.


The coordinates can be swapped. The icon is graphic and pixel friendly, and it can be positioned on any side of the frame.Vector icons can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality and can be used in a wide variety of graphic design projects.

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The icon can be flipped or the axis is changed from horizontal to vertical .The icon can be turned upside down and from left to right. The icon can be scaled and positioned in multiple ways, with a simple mouse click or keyboard shortcut.