Convert SVG to PNG or JPEG

Iamvector offers image conversion as one of its functions. All free vector icons are available in SVG formats that can be uploaded in two ways using the image converter. The SVG file can be dragged and dropped directly onto the page or displayed by the system. After that, you can choose a format like PNG, JPEG, Webp, or a Base64 string and voila.

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Image Convertor Features

Large File size

You Can upload Your Svg files upto 50MB of size and get converted into different formats.

Multiple Formats

Upload a single Svg File and get it downloaded into the different formats without any hassels.


The Convertor supports the Vector images conversion so You will not Loose the Quality of Images during Conversion.

Aspect Ratio

The aspects Ratio for the Images remain the Same. The Conversion does not effect the aspect ratio for images.

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